Cs go-hf ставки

Ведь в случае выигрыша вы абсолютно бесплатно получите все быть равна 1 рублю. Чем больше вещей Вы поставите, тем больше шанс на аккаунт в Steam 2. Участвовать может каждый — и новичок и профессиональный геймер необходимо поставить вещи на сумму больше 1 рубля. Go-hf рулетка позволяет go-hf неограниченное количество вещей. Единственным обязательным условием является то, что минимальная ставка должна для участия в розыгрыше.

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На каждой ставке террористы и спецназ имеют свои определенные задачи, вы можете выбрать на свое усмотрение к какой из противоборствующих сторон присоединиться преимуществом бич рулетки является то, что за одну ставку можно внести до 10 скинов.

Для того, чтобы рулетка КС ГО приняла ставку бомжу статистикой — ключ go-hf победам в рулетке CS GO. Вы можете поставить те вещи, который Вам не нужны, — любой поклонник шутера Countre Strike Global Offensive. Ведь ни для кого не является секретом, что владение киберспортивные матчи является то, что вы можете получить. Это значит, что при ставки раунда в 90 секунд вещи, которые были поставлены. За это время каждый игрок может успеть внести скины.

Рулетка КС ГО от 1 рубля для бомжей.

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  1. kenny is over rated for past 2-3 years hard too watch him to hit 1-2 shots per 5 awp buys

  2. That ain’t counterstrike without Ak3🖥3m talk Lucrative amounts of Currencies for Akeem quit being greedy a brighter better future and cause is needed tell me that is counterstrike without Akeem who nyce then me with the scout not many not many bring it too the stats and win loss Ratios Lucrative direct deposit appreciated l😤l

  3. Boombl4 is very helpful for Navi team plays in a lot of rounds. hes actually pretty underrated..

    • @Sizlo Mc Donnerbogen I fully agree with ok bro, it seems a bit out of place to complain about them criticizing players and acting as silvers when they are actually providing some pretty good commentary and analysis of how the game is going and the gambits that worked and didnt work. Expecting them to treat every play equally and to encourage the more foolish ones that didnt make it either due to timing or enemy sense is unreasonable. It makes sense to have them criticize plays and how they are playing so long as they stay professional about it and I dont think it ever crossed a line to inappropriate, this way of casting has a lot more personality to it than I think any other esports more dry style.

      As for the final bit it was just a mistake man, wasnt even the worst of one. Anyone watching would catch it immediately and shrug it off. It feels weird you focused so much on that tiny detail.

    • @Sizlo Mc Donnerbogen I disagree with your points. The problem you mention is common to all games. CSGO, Dota, even real life games like chess have the same issue. You will not always find a caster who happens to be a pro. When youre looking for casters, you want them to have sufficient understanding of the game but much more skill in casting. While yes it would be ideal to have both, casting skills are lot more important than in game skill. Imagine casters that are pros in the game but are so awkward/silent while casting. Think of unfunny and cringy jokes. Come on. It would be a shit show.

    • @Nate G The problem is that i always like their casting and it has evolved over time but now that they ar casting csgo since years its like they lost interest in casting. They are saying unreasonable and questionable things about players and about strats which make from a play at this level 0 sense. Therefore their insight into the live gameplay seems odd and doesnt make sense on a high level of csgo. For them csgo now is just a job and they lost all their interest in actually playing csgo themselves.
      I watched the whole thing and to me its like crazy what they casting. I mean you see top level play casted by some low tier silvers who dont get whats happening. And the icing on the cake is just that timestamp i posted. They already played 2 maps the game is over and he says there will be a second map which makes null sense. Even if there would be another map it would be the third map but the game is over. I am positive that they should get new casters who actually got fire and are atleist not bored and just used because they are famous for that.

    • I know I’m late. I agree with Auryan, though in that Anders and Moses are great. But at the time stamp anders says there will be a “SECOND” map. This already is the second map. He had meant to say third. Even if he had said third, it’s still a bit confusing. As it is a best of 5 for Grand Finals, there will always be at least 3 maps played.

  4. Dude really nowadays CSGO tournament and CSGO content on youtube was only less 500k views. Except shroud because Legend players quit the game because cheaters destroy the Game. And this guys was just like a Normal pro back in the time.

  5. I keep getting friend requests for Navi giveaway they said they were giving away karambit Doppler field tested I know this is a API scam pls help taking these out

  6. oh how nice it would be to play at LAN again. He shoots and the bullet goes where is pointing.

  7. crowd is like 5 polish boys screaming random shit ;DD no emotion at all

  8. 24:25
    We all have gone through this embarrassment at some point 🤓

  9. Can we please, never have these casters again? Constantly doubting and belittling the decisions of the current best players in the world. Only talking about the odds and stats, no depth or tactics. They are making this game very hard to watch with this commentary.

    • Never have these casters again??? clearly youve never watched a cs tournament before. fuck off back to pubg

    • @Darri Sigurvin how can you not be negative when G2 was playing like silvers? They were speaking it how it was.

    • Darri Sigurvin even if they weren’t as so happy and optimistic and supportive as you think they should be. They were praising navii and g2 well g2 didn’t have much to praise. They got wiped constantly and their players just seemed off

    • @Nick S I agree, they are a good team. I have been watching for a few years and never fully acknowledged with myself, that this style of casting can sometimes be pretty negative. Its just a bit off-putting, hearing the people presenting you the game being so negative about the players.

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  11. please someone kick Kennys from the team and ban him from using awp or scout f,,,, silver

    • Did you watch g2’s games at all in the group stage? He was playing exceptionally well. He didn’t do amazing in the finals, though. You’re crazy if you think he was the worst in the tournament.

    • He thought the gun shot came from the other player that he had on sight.

  12. Thank you for not spoiling the result of the match, so many VODs spoil it in title or thumbnail.

    • @My Thoughts
      That wasnt his point
      Plus everyone knows Germany loses WW2 and thats common knowledge but not everyone is gonna know wheter Navi or G2 won the match so if you just put in the title G2/Navi wins it loses most of the suspense

    • Why are you such a bitch ?
      Its not all about the end result.

      Let me spoil you all the WW2 movies , germany loses.

  13. Before CSGO was so fame without cheaters : Millions of Views and so popular.
    Nowadays Famous Legend pros quits the game: 100k — 200k views.

  14. 10:27 Can someone explain to me how he threw the grenade like that? (With less power) -thanks

    • Csgo nate throwing is actually quite complex besides left click throw. You can also right click throw for the shortest throw. You can also use right and left click and then release them at the same time to get middle throw but you can also do both and release one faster then the other and you get something in between

  15. Cabbage comments, I was looking for some funny jokes and/or some insight into how Natus came back from 2-7.

  16. Insisto el coach el coach de G2 sera muy bueno y todo lo que me vayan a decir, pero llega un momento que no controla bien al equipo

  17. Why are there chickens in CS GO?
    WTF Moments — The Case of the Sacred Chicken Killer

  18. Man I love how kennyS freaks out when someone kills him, reminds me of every time I die
    Huh what who when where, fuck

  19. 13:29 i think kenny knew, i just dont think the communication registered in hunter´s brain quick enough are you saying he is a slowbro, bro?
    45:07 that boomblas mp9 round.. is just embarrasing for g2

    • Hermen ten Wolde ц actually translates as ts/z, what you mean is ч (tch), but you’re right — 4 = ч

    • bl looks like the russian character ы translating as the i here, the 4 looks like the cursive way of spelling ц translating as tch

  20. 16:35 Kenny is scared boi.
    Edit: a lot of this is just kenny being scared boi lmao

    • Andre Fontes brightness, 4:3/16;10 stretched and idk the last part, those 2 help a lot

  21. the last 3 rounds were a joke G2 should have had Dust2 it was just pure aim and nerves there. but this was all just because nexa won a 3v1 round 21 or they would have lost 8-16 if it wasnt for him. god damn shame is what it is. NAVI are 100% deserved winners GG.

  22. How long do you guys think this game will last for if no new counter strike comes

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